ProQzen technologies is specialized in Electronic Contract Manufacturing, Prototyping House with Turnkey Projects for your dream projects since 2015. Our Company is completely believed in complete productivity, quality and superiority of the products.

ProQzen Technologies is also having the products in capacitive touch technologies. We have the Digital Crystal Touch Switches which are shockproof, waterproof and easy to install compare to simple mechanical house switches which are available in our market.

ProQzen Technologies is in verge of developing these switches with mobile application to make artefact approachable for general use. They are safer, longer lasting, and more durable, as compared to conventional switches, while also meeting the tastes and expectations of the new generation, in terms of comfort and luxury. Our R&D team is currently working on the same to obtainable in the market easily for the consumer.

ProQzen Technologies believes in customer suggestion tool to make the product much smarter, attractive and user-friendly. With the rapid technological and economical changes, only a flexible organisation can withstand the turbulent circumstances. Flexibility has been our forte. We believe in providing solutions that meet the requirement of our customers and are revolutionary at the same time. Our customers are invaluable to us; their time, money and efforts matter a great deal. We, therefore, strive single-mindedly to minimize the cost, time and efforts of our valued customers, providing them complete solutions. That’s why we are providing customised switches, with complete home automation system including security system with many reliable sensors.